Kid Friendly Restaurants

Kid Friendly Restaurants

Eating with your little ones can be a challenge at times.  They can be picky, loud, irritated, irritating and down-right difficult.  Taking them to a special place where they can be engaged is helpful when you have the time and inclination.  Here are a few local places that my sons like, I hope your kids do, too.

For breakfast, the Sunrise Grill in North Augusta and Martinez offers a bright atmosphere with specialty pancakes that the kids love.  Ruth’s on Washington Road serves a true country breakfast with delicious pancakes as well.  They even have smoked sausage – that’s hard to find.

FarmHaus Burgers in Downtown Augusta

Some great locally owned places for lunch or dinner include Fat Man’s Mill Café (Lunch only) at Enterprise Mill.  When you are done there, you can go walk through the Canal Museum next door or even take a Petersburg Boat tour down the canal.  Downtown on Broad Street, Farm Haus Burgers has specialty burgers and shakes.  Nacho Mamas is just down the road serving tex mex in an eclectic environment.  The cheese dip is a favorite.  Ask them to chop up the chicken in the quesadilla extras fine for little ones – That quesadilla can feed 2 – 3 kids!  We hear Twisted Burrito is good, they are a couple of locals and pretty new.  They have a chalk board for kids to draw on.  Yo Pizza in Daniel Village on Wrightsboro Road is quite kid-friendly and they have good pies.  Brusters in the Target Shopping Center is good for hot dogs and a treat, and there’s one in Evans and North Augusta, too.

For Dinner, some of the area’s most special places include Sconyers near Windsor Spring Road for the ambiance.  You can feed the catfish outside.  Old McDonalds Fish Camp outside of North Augusta ups the stakes with great fare and the ability to feed ducks, fish and goats while you wait.  They serve up grits while you wait, too.  Then there’s T’s restaurant, an old family favorite out on Mike Padgett Highway.  Definitely worth the visit and a place your kids will like to go with the family.

The Pink Dipper in North Augusta

For dessert or a treat try The Pink Dipper in North Augusta.  It’s an old fashioned ice cream shop that’s usually dead and could have better customer service, but something about the ambiance and the old style malts and shakes is fun.  Sweet Sticks Skate Shop, open in the afternoon, in Downtown has King of Pops gourmet popsicles that are amazing.  The Boll Weevil has cake slices bigger than your kid’s head if you want quality and quantity.  Then there is the new gourmet ice cream store opening in Daniel Village.  I hear they will deliver nothing less than the best quality available with some very unusual and appetizing flavors.  So look for that.

If corporate is your thing, then Red Robin in Evans is popular.  Texas Road House off Washington Road has Kids nights on Tuesdays and they have tablets with games on them.  Chick Fil A is right there too with a playground inside.