Design Tips courtesy of Decorator’s Outlet

Design Tips courtesy of Decorator’s Outlet

Making a house into a home can be a daunting task that takes time, patience, creativity, vision, selection and experience, all of which are available in the local area.

While large assortments of fabric can be overwhelming, the right blend can you turn your vision into a reality. Investing in custom window treatments, draperies, roman shades, bedding and pillows make a huge difference if you are going for an upscale look. There are options for every budget, especially if you love DIY projects.

Design Tips

• Make sure your colors blend together well and flow if you have an open floor plan.

• Hang your draperies as high as possible to elevate your eyes and make your ceilings appear higher.

• Don’t be afraid to mix fabrics, shapes, textures and colors to add dimension to your room.

• Create a focal point in the room and build around it. Don’t over decorate by creating too many stories.

• Custom dust ruffles and bed runners really enhance a bedroom and add an extra finishing touch to a solid comforter or coverlet.

• Be playful with pillows; they are an easy way to change up a room when your mood changes with the seasons!

• Be Bold …. Personality makes for a fabulous space. Your room needs to make you smile!