Augusta Market Watch

Augusta Market Watch

Almost everyone in the world knows that Augusta does golf, and does it well. What everyone doesn’t know is that golf isn’t the only thing that makes Augusta great. As Georgia’s third-largest city, Augusta boasts a rich history due to its position on the Savannah River; there are several colleges and universities with programming geared toward the industries specific to the community; and vibrant arts, cultural and educational communities provide myriad opportunities for enrichment.

Additionally, the recent merger of Augusta State University with the Medical College of Georgia have created a medical education community unrivaled in the state, and the recent location of the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence at our local Army base, Fort Gordon, has prompted extreme growth in Augusta’s cyber and tech industries.

Consequently, the real estate market is healthy, and many people moving from out of the state will find housing in Augusta to be extremely affordable when compared to other locales further north and west. If you stay in the area any amount of time, you will hear it referred to as the CSRA. What the heck is that, you ask? It stands for Central Savannah River Area, and it was named so by a newspaper contest in 1950. The CSRA includes 13 counties in Georgia and eight in South Carolina. At the center of the CSRA are three main counties: Richmond and Columbia Counties in Georgia and Aiken County in South Carolina. The 2010 census showed the population of the area to be 861,631, making it the second most populous area in the state.

Right now, the real estate market in the CSRA is robust in both rental and sales markets. People moving here can find lots of variety in types of housing; there are historic neighborhoods, urban lofts, all types of condos, townhomes and apartments, river-front, lake-front, water-front and canal-facing, great family neighborhoods with schools in walking distance, and parcels of land still waiting to be developed. You can find old homes, new homes, and homes in the process of being built. The current market conditions over the whole CSRA are neutral, meaning that the amount of inventory available compared to the number of buyers and the rate of sales doesn’t favor either buyers or sellers. Current trends are indicating the onset of a buyer’s market, meaning that conditions will be better for buyers than sellers. Any local Realtor will be able to work with you to find a home that best suits you and your specific needs. Do remember, just as you shop for the best prices for things that go IN your home, make sure to shop for the best services when purchasing your home. When looking for the perfect Realtor, make sure you interview 3-4 to ensure you will be working with someone who knows the area well and is also a good personal fit for you.

Overall, quality of life in Augusta is all together pleasant. It is big enough to offer variety, diversity and opportunity, but small enough that many problems that plague larger metro areas – traffic, crime, pollution – are not huge issues. Whatever brings you to the area, it is certain that you will find the stimulation provided by Augusta’s exponential growth to provide ample possibilities for housing, recreation, jobs and fun.